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Silverado 2500

Some of the greatest running with the Duramax and Allison transmissions but the front end really needs to be properly upgraded to function safely. As far as lifts go, these are in definite need of the correct shock to ride properly.  With 15 years experience working with this platform, we have the recipe for the baddest Silverado out there.  33s and 35s are the most popular setups we do but the newer platform with 37s and a 6.5″ is awesome.

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Silverado 2500 3500

The Duramax engine paired with Allison transmissions makes for an impressive combination known for their exceptional performance. However, it's crucial to prioritize proper upgrades for the front end to ensure safe operation. When it comes to suspension lifts, choosing the appropriate shocks is essential for achieving a comfortable ride. With 15 years of experience working on this platform, we have perfected the recipe for creating the most formidable Silverado / Sierra trucks available. While 33" and 35" tire setups remain highly popular, the newer platform allows for an incredible combination of 37" tires with a 6.5" lift, resulting in an awesome setup.

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